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YS Group


We are a global trading company with offices in Canada and USA. We are Established under objective to perform as the Traders of lentils, cotton, lumber, scrap to individuals in accordance to the norms, terms and conditions. The main motto of our group is to “ bring the right product, at the right place , at the right time”. YS Group is born out of a vision to provide value products of high quality at affordable prices to people across the world.

Our Companies

NC Trading USA

Founded in 2015, NC Trading USA Inc. is a respected figure in the cotton trading sector, excelling in medium staple and long staple cotton. Our dedication to quality and customer-centric approach has earned us recognition as a reliable global partner in the cotton trade. NC Trading USA Inc. represents globally recognized merchants and deals with the sales and marketing of imported cotton to textile groups in Pakistan

YS Services Canada

YS Services Inc. Canada is a prominent player in global agricultural trade, specializing in cotton and lentils. It deals with the sales and marketing of pulses from Canada to Pakistan and also it deals with the sales and marketing of imported cotton from around the world to textile mills in Pakistan. With a commitment to quality and a wide-reaching network, we facilitate international transactions and contribute to global food security.

The both companies owned by Omer Yahya